The Musique Cordiale International Festival & Academy

The Musique Cordiale International Festival & Academy (Concerts 1-15 August 2015) takes place each summer in Seillans and the Pays de Fayence and neighbouring towns and villages in the Var in SE France, (one hour from Nice airport by car). 2015 will be the 11th year and will feature over 20 concerts including major choral and orchestral works, chamber ensembles, recitals, opera and a little jazz. Evening concerts attract audiences of 250 and more; lunchtime concerts take place in small acoustic venues for up to 100 people and offer free entry. The Festival Summer Academy (30 July – 8 August 2015) for young string instrument players is based in and round the old Provencal village perché of Seillans. Both the festival and the Academy foster and encourage Emerging Talent and bring musicians and audiences together from throughout Europe. The 2015 Festival programme will be available by New Year and tickets will be available from Easter 2015. If you would like to be a student in the 2015 Academy, we are recruiting now (see ACADEMY). If you would like to SING IN THE CHOIR, information will be available here soon.


Musique Cordiale International Festival 2014

SEILLANS, 3 – 16 AUGUST 2014  (Academy 1-9 August 2014) Welcome to the 10th Festival called Musique Cordiale, your international music festival & academy in the South of France. Here is where high quality music, sunshine and warmth, combined with good food and conviviality are the ingredients for a wonderful holiday. This year, as in former festivals, there are different groups of music and musicians and almost two weeks of concerts, presenting music from varied genres and eras. While we try to provide something for everyone in terms of repertoire, we endeavour to keep the musical standards as high as possible. During the first week, even before other musicians assemble, the Academy will be taking place, culminating in 2 concerts, one in the Chappelle Notre Dame de l’Ormeau, and the other in Seillans church, with students joining professional players in an orchestral concert As usual, the festival will be characterised by playing and singing by performers from all over Europe and will include young soloists as well as accomplished professionals from renowned orchestras. This inter-generational, pan-European flavour allows talented musicans of the future to gain experience (and, in the case of Academy students, some instruction too) at the festival while also offering audiences the chance to hear and appreciate a variety of excellent music in some of the beautiful hill towns and villages (villes et villages perchées) in the Var in the SE of France. Please see the programme page for details of what we have to offer in our 22 concerts this year