Festival International et Académie


INFORMATION for the choir in the run-up to, during and after the festival
MORE coming soon….. (and please check in here often for updates)

** NEW ITEMS to follow BELOW re the dress code, timetable, your accommodation and meals plus WATER, DINNERS, SCHEDULES & WINE + INFO re all questions for our choir singers this summer**

The 2024 festival starts with orchestra and a few soloists arriving on or before 28 JULY. Most choir members are not expected until 4 AUGUST 2024 though, if you are nearby, do please come and enjoy some of the early concerts and events. (Let us know if you would like to come early and we maybe can help with accommodation and meals before your booked arrival dates). We did stage a little introductory concert in Seillans for local people and Easter visitors – to share the provisional programme and to give them a taste of what is to come.

updated to 11 July 2024

DRESS CODE for concerts, choir & orchestra

Red, white or blue tops, shirts or dresses (primary colours only – as in French flag – NOT turquoise, mauve or orange or magenta!) Black or white trousers or skirts. NO black tops except conductor. No shorts for performers in concerts please.

Accommodation, arrival information etc.

We will be writing to everyone who has booked accommodation, providing details, addresses, arrival & parking info etc. Following final (multiple) re-revised allocations (always one of the MOST complex and daunting tasks that faces us), we are less than half way through this process so far. Please be patient; we will reach all of you by email.

Concert Tickets

Please book ticketsON LINE before 3PM on the day of the concert – for all evening concerts you or your friends want to attend as audience. Choose choir tickets (free) or buy standard (or gallery or premium) tickets for friends or non-singing partners or for yourselves for any concerts before 4 August: please order tickets online for all evening concerts that you want to attend. We need you to book tickets, including free choir ones, to control audience numbers. We encourage choir members to hold back and allow paying audience members priority for standard seating. (You do not need to pay for any concert tickets for any singing participant for the “choir week, viz 4 – 10 August). Lunchtime-concerts are FREE-entry with no tickets. (NOTE: when booking free tickets for choir-singers (or others for non-singers), please note that you will be in Menton on 8 August for the concert + dinner afterwards and coach back to Seillans. So you can’t also go to the Eau de Chansons concert that evening (but you can go on 7 Aug – same programme).

Rehearsal schedule – (provisional – may change!)

DayTimeDetailLocationMusic StaffEvening Meal
Sunday 4th    Salle Polyvalante
car park tent (7pm)
Monday 5thAM (9-12)Verdi RequiemSalle PolyvalenteGR, RT, AC, MS 
PM (2-5)Verdi RequiemSalle PolyvalenteGR, MSSalle Polyvalante
car park tent (9.30pm)
Tuesday 6thAM (11-2)Verdi RequiemSalle PolyvalenteGR, RT, AC, MS 
PM (3-6)Optional Vocal SessionsSalle PolyvalenteAC, RTFayance, Theatre de Verdure (7pm)
Wednesday 7thAM (9-12)Verdi RequiemSalle PolyvalenteGR, RT 
PM (2-5)Verdi Requiem possible extra sessionSalle PolyvalenteGR, RTNo evening meal
Thursday 8thAM10 am departureSalle Polyvalente 
PM (1-4)répétition finaleMenton 
Evening (6-8PM)VERDI 1 CONCERT (no interval)MentonMenton (8pm)
Friday 9thAMFree 
PMFreeSalle Polyvalante
car park tent (9.30pm)
Saturday 10thAMFree 
PM (5-6)Sound Check onlySeillans ChurchSalle Polyvalante
car park tent (9.30pm)
Evening (7-9)VERDI 2 CONCERTSeillans Church 


There will be dinners (evenings only) for choir members from 4 August to 10 August (EXCEPT Wed 7 Aug when you can make your own/go out or bring a picnic to the jazz concert) for everyone who have purchased the ‘forfait/6-day meal deal’ when you enrolled or for individual dinners if you book – and pay – by the morning. (We do not provide lunch or breakfast on any day).

Several of you have said you would like to arrive before 4 August (not least so as to experience our opera performances in the previous few days). We will TRY to arrange you accommodation for extra days if you let us know ASAP!

  • and note that it will doubtless be HOT again this summer in the Var, will little sign of much cooling during the festival though Seillans has seen some rain in recent months – unlike the previous couple of years.
  • Our evening concerts are mostly back to earlier times by popular request this year (ditto dinners) – to allow more relaxed and convivial dinners together. But outdoor concerts will again be later in the evening.
  • Brits rarely remember to keep shutters shut in daytime, get up early, take siestas, stay poolside (but sun-protected), generally arrive early and slow down …. and sing soto voce, except as directed! Water instead of wine … ??
  • Things to bring: INCLUDE music, sunglasses, swimming towels, sun hats and cream, pencils, mobile phones, your insurance documents…

More soon…

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