Festival choir 2021 – join and sing!

2021 information and enrolment forms coming here soon: Musique Cordiale in Kent, 29 July – 5 August 2021



It is with great joy that we now feel confident enough to announce summer 2021 Musique Cordiale, this year to take place in Kent. The dates are 29 July – 5 August and will consist of a week of chamber music & ensemble concerts and of course works for you, our choir.

Richard and Amicia Oldfield have generously given us carte blanche to use their idyllic gardens at Doddington Place as a base, and for open-air concerts. Other concerts will take place in churches in Newnham and Doddington, as well as the wonderfully restored Assembly Rooms in Faversham.

As many of you know who sang the Brahms Requiem last September, there are magical aspects and corners of the grounds which lend themselves to different types of music, be it a flute recital, a string quartet or a choir.

There is also a tearoom at our disposal, including the necessary ‘washing’ facilities!


In order to find the most sublime repertoire, not too taxing for the choir but also a great crowd puller, the answer had to be the MOZART REQUIEM. I am well aware that most of you will have sung it many times, but not with Graham! We will sing the Süssmeyer version, and with reduced orchestra – probably a string quintet, and Rebecca Taylor at the keyboard.

Certainly one of my favourite, and most popular pieces is the VIVALDI GLORIA. You will doubtless all know the opening chorus by heart, and I am sure Graham’s tempi, and the glorious melodies and rhythms will make a lovely contrast.


Graham has suggested the RUTTER BIRTHDAY MADRIGALS, (actually with piano and double bass), which are romantic and fun (not easy) and fit well to the season and ambience. Other favourites of mine are Lay a Garland (Pearsall), Richte Mich Gott (Mendelssohn)…to name but two. We will publish the final programme soon.

We will rehearse mostly in Doddington Church in order not to strain our voices. We hope that will be on a bigger and more ambitious scale than was possible last year, complete with a good (paying) audiences. There will be provision for weather and any changes to Covid rules.

This year we cannot be in Seillans, but it will be wonderful to see you all again and to make music together after so long. There will be time to go to the beach and walk in the beautiful Kent countryside and to eat, drink and get very merry!

May we please have your provisional indication of interest by email … and we’ll work on details (including price, food options, booking arrangements etc). We have made a range of provisional and accommodation bookings).

Love from Pippa & Jonathan

April 2021

  5 May 2020  We regret that information on this page no longer applies following the enforced cancellation/postponement of the 2020 Festival because of Covid-19.
The notice to choir participants following the cancellation and refunds can be found HERE   TO COMPLETE THE FORM DETAILING WHAT CHOIR MEMBERS DO NOW THAT IT HAS SADLY BEEN CANCELLED, PLEASE CLICK HERE
A French version of this page and forms is available here . Une version française de cette page et des formulaires est disponible ici

Joining or re-joining the Musique-Cordiale Festival Choir

SUMMER 2020, France

Summer Festival – Choral workshop 2020, Friday 7 – Sunday 16 August:  ENROLMENT IN THE CHOIR

Apply Online now

We encourage you to use this form for online enrolment:

APPLY ONLINE 2020 application form

You can apply and pay a deposit at the same time. Or you can pay separately. Book by 12 April but see big discounts for early birds, students and others. See below and on the booking form for details and book soon – Early Bird deals apply if you are quick (and don’t forget to insure yourselves whne you book!)

or  Download PDF Application Form

Download, print and return form if you prefer:

download application form

Please enrol using this form and emailing it or posting it as soon as possible. Also please return individual Part 2 forms by 12 April 2020 at the latest. You can pay by completing your card details or sending us payment – with the form or separately. See details below or on the form. and book soon. 


We invite applications from accomplished singers to join (or rejoin) the 2020 Festival choir.  We are emailing details to currently-registered members of the festival choir and also invite new good and experienced singers 

AIMEZ-VOUS BRAHMS? Applications are OPEN NOW for new and returning members to join the 2020 Festival Choir and enjoy a 9-night stay in Provence to perform 2 concerts featuring an all-Brahms programme, including A German Requiem, to Words of the Holy Scriptures, Johannes Brahms, Op. 45 (Ein deutsches Requiem, nach Worten der heiligen Schrift) – to be sung in German with soprano & bass solo & chamber ensemble and (probably) Brahms – Liebeslieder (with piano  4 hands) plus Brahms – Geistliches Lied (double strings) PLUS, in a separate earlier concert, an exciting programme of a cappella singing AND Handel’s Dixit Dominus. (See repertoire below. The programme is not yet publicly announced and may be subject to revision). Choir participation includes 8 days of rehearsal and 3 performances under the baton of Graham Ross, Director of Music at Clare College Cambridge and in the company of fantastic soloists, with the chance to meet and share special moments with friends, old and new, in the sublime ambiance of the Pays de Fayence!

Singing with Graham Ross and the Musique Cordiale ensemble has attracted and inspired our choir members for several years. Choral concerts take place in the evening in Medieval churches. It can be hot during the days but we often rehearse in modern air-conditioned comfort and perform in lovely old acoustic buildings. Access to pools and lakes, local restaurants and the beautiful historic towns and countryside of the Var is part of the Musique Cordiale experience. We provide delicious al fresco dinners with abundant wine and try to match your accommodation to suit your preferences and budget. During your stay, you can also enjoy numerous other festival concerts – orchestral, chamber music, recitals and even a little jazz. Musique Cordiale is known for its conviviality and the high musical quality of all its performances.

(Information about singing The Messiah and ‘a cappella’ works during our long weekend in Kent in previous years is still available HERE
There will be an equivalent event in autumn 2020)

Key 2020 dates and information  (full rehearsal and concert programme to be announced later)

  • December 2019: initial prices and booking forms available for 2020 (see booking and payment dates below)
  • Various booking & payment deadlines, Jan – March 2020 (see below & on enrolment forms)
  • Monday 1 June 2020: Box office opens online for Festival concert tickets & season passes
  • Saturday 1 August 2020: Festival concerts start
  • Friday 7 August 2020: Choir arrival during the day. Choir accommodation & dinner options begin**
  • Daily on most days: evening and/or lunchtime concerts + morning & afternoon rehearsals
  • Saturday 8 August: Rehearsals start (morning)
  • Wednesday 12 August, evening a cappella concert performance by the choir (see initial repertoire below) + Handel’s Dixit Dominus
  • Thursday 13 August: Aimez-Vous Brahms? a first evening concert performance of  this year’s major all-Brahms choral works (see repertoire below)
  • Saturday 15 August: Aimez-Vous Brahms? Final Performance, the same major choral oeuvres by Brahms
  • Saturday 15 August: Final dinner
  • Sunday 16 August: Choir departure
© France 3 - Andrew Staples & Adam Green

Choir members

Singers from Britain, Germany & France

How to apply to join the 2020 Festival Choir 

  • Click the link above and complete the online enrolment form . The same page  also allows you to make an initial payment
  • OR download the PDF application form (click right button above) to be completed by the person making the reservation with payment details.
  • (Later, please complete a Part 2 form to provide personal details for each individual participant. We will use these and your emails to suggest accommodation options that suit you).
  • If you are applying on behalf of several people, please complete the main form (and, later, ask each participant to complete an individual Part 2 form).
  • Submit your completed application forms either electronically or by e-mail to info@musique-cordiale.com or by post to:
    Musique Cordiale, Norfolk Cottage, The Street, Newnham, Sittingbourne, Kent, ME9 0LL, GB – and pay your deposit or the full amount due (payment options below).
  • Although we do not include travel to the Pays de Fayence in our fees, we can include you in the Eurostar/train transport we book well in advance for orchestra players. This is available on request IF YOU ARE AN EARLY BOOKER or eligible for an ‘early-bird’ discount (see below).
  • You can book individual meals (dinners) online in August. BUT there is a discount if you book these with any accommodation before Easter.
  • Good young singers who are full-time students aged 26 and under are invited to complete the enrolment form but should not send any money. We hope to have a special deal for you.
  • ** If you want to arrive before 7 August (to listen to earlier concerts or perhaps would like to volunteer some help), please contact us. We will be providing limited accommodation and some evening meals for musicians and team from 1 August onwards)
  • Please contact us if you have any questions or problems or would like to talk to us before booking.

2020 Choir Repertoire*

  • Oratorio:  this year’s major choral work will be the Brahms Requiem, op 45 (sung in German)  with soprano & bass solo & chamber ensemble
  • PLUS Brahms – Liebeslieder, op 52 (with piano  4 hands) AND Brahms – Geistliches Lied (double strings)
    Please note that the programme is not yet public information until we announce the Festival programme in the Spring***
  • a 2020  selection of a cappella works to be announced (to include Rutter – 5 Birthday Madrigals for piano and jazz bass and Beethoven – Elegischer Gesang, op 118 – further suggestions appreciated!) PLUS Handel’s Dixit Dominus with string ensemble
Direction: Graham Ross


2020 Choir Booking & Payment deadlines

Please note that, this year, we will be feeling our way as Brexit happens. Because of this and related currency and location uncertainties, the booking and enrolment process is different. Choir enrolment is OPEN NOW. But, we are organising the booking process for accommodation  (and any travel) a little later, operating as a kind of in-house accommodation agency, rather as we do in the Autumn for our Kent weekend. (We regret that will not be able to provide full details of travel and accommodation arrangements or prices until early February  – after the first stage of Brexit. Prices for the summer and autumn events in 2019 may be an approximate guide but there will be a wider range of prices and we will consult you before we allocate accommodation). We ARE still asking for your initial commitment when you enrol. So please complete an enrolment form and make your initial payment.  This involves paying now either the minimum deposit or you can pay for your choir participation, make a down-payment for accommodation (if required) and, if you wish, pay for your dinners, as previously. All payments continue to be reimbursable until the relevant application dates or puntil the payment due dates in invoices we will send you after we consult you about accommodation choices. REMEMBER to book your travel & health insurance when you enrol. Discounts apply for early booking and payment, as follows:

  • 20 January 2020: Early bookers (A)**: book by & pay the minimum deposit   by 20 January 2020 to get 10% off your participation fee (for anyone who pays at least the minimum deposit. Payment to be received and in a Musique Cordiale account by 22 Jan 2020 to qualify)
  • 14 February 2020: Early Double discount (B1)**: book & PAY IN FULL (including an accommodation down-payment and an accommodation package)   14 February 2020 (and be assured of no later currency surcharges). Please book and send your deposit by 29 February if you will need accommodation.
  • 29 February 2020: Leap day discount (B2)** – pay FULL BALANCE by 29 February 2020 (and no later currency surcharges)
  • 14 March 2020: Friends only:  full payment (B3): pay in full (and include deposit and an accommodation package). Friends of the Festival (only) qualify for this discount; so become a Friend first or at the same time**
  • 12 April 2020 (Easter): All applications (including individual Part 2 forms for EACH participant) and deposits due by 12 April 2020  but please send them as early as possible before then (essential if your booking includes accommodation – see 29 February).
  • 30 April 2019: Final balance due:  All payments for participation or accommodation (including accompanying partners) due by 30 April 2020 (or, in most cases, there will be earlier due dates, per invoices that we will send a week or so after we have confirmed accommodation arrangements with you. Late bookers should pay in full as soon as you enrol: we will send an immediate invoice). 
(REMINDER: Anyone paying the minimum relevant deposit by 20 January 2020 can qualify for the ‘Early booker’ discount. In addition, to qualify for one of the ‘early-bird FULL payment discounts’ –  B1 or B2 or B3 – your payment must include an accommodation package. You cannot have more than one B discounts but you CAN combine discounts A & B)
  Key prices: (minimum deposit   : £525 per residential participant OR at least £225 for non-resident participants)
 membership £25 (or become a Friend from £150)
 choir participation: £400 including snacks, tea, coffee
accommodation, 9 nights (deposit £250 + options range from £200 upwards per person – we will offer you options and invoice you for the agreed amount due)
dinner package, 8 nights £200 (some individual dinners with wine on some evenings £30 can be booked online later)
 concert tickets (free in concerts when you are performing – and for all lunchtime concerts) for sale online from Easter and at the door

Choir participation & accommodation choices

Choir members


On the application form, you will find the various participation options. We have tried our best to hold down prices (in Euros) as much as possible. But covering costs is more difficult than ever and recent currency shifts mean that the GBPound equivalents are unavoidably higher in 2020. All participants (including non-participating partners taking meals) are required to become members (unless a subscription has already been paid for 2020, i.e. since the 2019 Festival).

2020 Festival Choir: payment & booking Options

Using the buttons above or these links, please CHOOSE:
    • to complete the online application form to join 2020 choir (you can pay as part of the online application process or pay separately after submitting)
    • OR download and complete the PDF application forms, including card payment, HERE
    • There are special prices, accommodation options & discounts for full-time students aged 26 or less and for participants from the PACA region or if you can also help as a volunteer. Please contact us for details.
    • You can pay direct from either enrolment form or pay separately. Click HERE for details of HOW TO PAY
You can pay direct from either enrolment form or pay separately. Click HERE for details of HOW TO PAY

How to PAY

You can apply and pay at the same time using the enrolment forms  (see red buttons at the top of this page. OR  you can pay separately: click on this button for all PAYMENT options and details
NOTE: BECAUSE OF UNCERTAINTAINTIES CAUSED BY BREXIT, we reserve the right to vary certain conditions or arrangements and/or prices and, if necessary, to introduce supplements for late bookers (participants who pay in full within our Early Bird scheme will be exempt from surcharges). if the value of the pound changes significantly against the Euro between when you book and when you make payment in full, we reserve the right to add a reasonable GBP surcharge to the amount charged  – to anyone who has not yet paid in full. Please be particularly careful about health and travel insurance arrangements and conditions, car licensing arrangements and pets this year. (Brexit day is scheduled currently for 31 January 2020,  when little may change unless we still have a ‘no-deal’ Brexit  – though this now seems unlikely).1 February is when we supposedly begin the 2020 implementation phase until the end of 2020 when a lot more may change). Please also read the full Terms & Conditions for participants  (on the booking forms) before making your reservation. Please note that (as explained in our invitation to join the choir this year and to make things simpler for you and to avoid paying for things you may not need, participation fees do NOT include concert tickets which will be on sale online after the Programme is released at Easter.
gift-aid-logoWe would be delighted if you decide to become a Friend or Donor; the benefits can be found here here and monthly or annual direct debit payments are available via our UK charity, The Musique-Cordiale Trust. Running the festival is expensive and we receive only very limited public funds (14% of our costs). Please help us to meet our essential annual funding target for the charity of £50,000 this year to ensure that we can continue to run the festival in future. UK tax-payers are invited to download and complete a Gift Aid declaration for their contributions as Friends or Donors.
(Participation fees, accommodation, tickets & membership are notGift-Aidable’


Musique Cordiale respects your confidentiality and guards your personal information. We never retain details of your bank debit or credit cards after we have received payments from our members, donors, customers or supporters. We do not sell your name, email, address or phone details. Only Musique Cordiale has access to this information to communicate with you and we share it only with our agents and then only for the purposes of contacting our supporters, customers, donors, staff or suppliers on our behalf. We are trying to be EU GDPR compliant and we retain data only for compliance purposes or to maintain our current lists of and communications with members, singers, players, supporters & Friends. We do not retain any information on visitors to our website.