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Updates for CHOIR singers 2024

…. INFORMATION for the choir in the run-up to, during and AFTER the festival
MORE coming soon….. (and please check in here often for updates)


Autumn in Kent: Choir Enrolment

As we all recover from the summer and heat (between canicules, fortunately), we have begun to post Information about coming to SING in Kent (9 – 12 November 2023). Initial info is on the choir pages of the site. This includes the enrolment form for choir singers this Autumn + details of the repertoire (2 exciting additional concerts that should appeal to you + one for you to SING in!) with our great slate of returning soloists, a draft schedule and prices. Please BOOK EARLY for best accommodation & travel options: we hope for a good attendance so that the choir sounds as great – and balanced- as it did in Seillans. We would love to welcome even some of you from outside GB if you can manage to join us (some of our Germans and UK-based singers, including some who could not join us in France this summer, already have!) Early Bird discount if you book & pay by 8 Sept!

Meanwhile why not TAKE A last LOOK HERE at the summer programme that we all enjoyed so much? We will be sharing pictures and videos soon. Please KEEP ABREAST and keep in touch! And – to everyone, a BIG THANK YOU for the work and enthusiasm, the good humour and the shared music-making!

Information here included:

  • the detailed FESTIVAL 2023 CONCERT Programme (and you can download it too)
  • & also see and download the PDF of the full PRINTED illustrated Festival PROGRAMME
  • and note that it’s already HOT again this summer in the Var, will little sign of much cooling during the festival. Our evening concerts are mostly an hour later this year (ditto dinners) – something we are now regretting (too late in all senses!) as the temperatures have moderated and the breeze has picked up. SORRY: we may have got that wrong!
  • Brits rarely remember to keep shutters shut in daytime, get up early, take siestas, stay poolside (but sun- protected), generally arrive early and slow down …. and sing soto voce, except as directed! Water instead of wine … 😂 ??
  • Things to bring: INCLUDE music, swimming towels, sun hats and cream, pencils, mobile phones, your insurance documents.. .

Accommodation, arrival information etc.

We are gradually writing to everyone who has booked accommodation, providing details, addresses, arrival & parking info etc. Following final (multipe) re-revised allocations (always one of the MOST complex and daunting tasks that faces us), we are less than half way through this process so far. Please be patient; we will reach all of you by email (SOON!)

CHOIR DATES, Festival 2023:

Please let us know when you plan to arrive (+ how, whether you need transport/directions or whatever). Please try to arrive on 4 August in time to register and check into accommodation, collect lanyards and then to enjoy the concert in Seillans (8PM). After the concert there will be dinner with choir and orchestra and team (10PM).


Salle Polyvalente, Seillans, 9AM to 10:30AM on the morning of Sat 5 August, (and then 3PM – 7PM). For other timings, locations and detailed SCHEDULE, see below.

DRESS CODE for concerts, choir & orchestra

Red, white or blue tops, shirts or dresses
(primary colours only – as in French flag – NOT turquoise, mauve or orange or magenta!)
Black or white trousers or skirts. NO black tops except conductor. No shorts for performers in concerts please.


You need to obtain (and please learn, listen to recordings and/or sight-read) your own copies, from good music shops or on-line (try Google, Boosey & Hawkes, Barbican Chimes Music shop or South London Music Ltd).

  • Handel: 4 Coronation Anthems (sung in English – Oxford – OUP – vocal score)
    • Zadok the Priest
    • Let Thy Hand be Strengthened
    • The King Shall Rejoice
    • My Heart is Inditing
  • Handel’s Ode for the Birthday of Queen Anne (Bärenreiter edition: chanté en anglais/ sung in English)
  • A Cappella:
    • Purcell – I was Glad, Psalm 122 (Novello)
    • Elgar – O hearken thou (Novello)
    • Schubert – The Lord is my Shepherd, Psalm 23 (Oxford – OUP – vocal score)
    • Walton – Set me as a seal (Oxford – OUP – vocal score)
    • Harris – Holy is the True Light (Novello)
    • Rutter – This is the day (Oxford -OUP- vocal score)
    • Mozart – Vesperae solennes de confessore (Bärenreiter edition)
  • Mozart – Coronation Mass (Bärenreiter edition)

If you have other editions (in English), please use them. Talk to us about obtaining music if you haven’t already arranged it: CONTACT pi***@mu**************.com” data-type=”mailto” data-id=”mailto: pi***@mu**************.com“>Pippa Pawlik.

(We are all grateful to Maggie Donnelly (a long-standing choir member), who has generously been helping some of you outside the UK to order music).

Concert Tickets

Please book tickets – ON LINE before 3PM on the day of the concert – for all evening concerts you want to attend as audience. Choose choir tickets (free**) or buy standard (or gallery or premium) tickets for friends or non-singing partners: please order tickets online for all evening concerts that you want to attend. We need you to book tickets, including free choir ones, to control audience numbers. We encourage choir members to hold back and allow paying audience members priority for standard seating. (Except ** for opera arias – with wine at the vineyard, Wed 9 August at Val d’Iris, there will be a charge for choir singers & orchestra players – half price entry).
Lunchtime-concerts are FREE-entry with no tickets.

Schedule for CHOIR (still a work in progress!)

CHOIR – Mornings
Sat 5 AugSun 6 AugMon 7 AugTue 8 AugWed 9 AugThu 10 AugFri 11 AugSat 12 Aug
0900-1030 rehearsal with Graham @ Salle Poly, Seillans0900-1200 rehearsal with Graham @ Salle Poly0900-1200 Rehearsal with Graham @ Salle Poly0900-1200 rehearsal Graham @ Salle Poly1000-1200 Rehearsal with Graham @ Salle PolyMorning off0900-1200 rehearsal with Graham (if needed)Morning off
Sat 5 Aug
1500-1645 + 1715-1900 Rehearsals with Graham @ Salle Poly, Seillans
Sun 6 Aug
1400-1515 Rehearsal with Graham + 1530-1630 Rehearsal with Rebecca @ Salle Poly
Mon 7 Aug 1600-1900 Rehearsal with Graham @ Salle PolyTue 8 Aug 1600-1900 Rehearsal with Graham @ Salle PolyWed 9 Aug
1500-1600 (Birthday Ode + Coronation Mass) + 1700-1900 Rehearsals Choir & orchestra (Coronation Anthems) @ Salle Poly
Thurs 10 Aug
1530-1830 Soloists, Choir & Orchestra + Dress Rehearsal @ CALLIAN
Fri 11 Aug
1530-1830 Soloists & Choir Dress Rehearsal (soloists not required until 1715) [incl Visite de la Passion] @ TOURRETTES
Sat 12 Aug
1700-1830 Soloists, Choir & Orchestra Dress Rehearsal @ SEILLANS CHURCH
(full orchestra + choir + soloist schedule also available on Google Sheets and as downloadabale PDF when i is more firm and fixed – but may be subject to change:
(The initial full provisional schedule as a downloadable PDF @ 25 July is HERE)


If you have booked all 8 dinners, please just turn up, usually after concerts (drinks are usually served first – though we appreciate a little help with clearing up concert venues before food is served). Please let us know (for numbers) if you are NOT planning to eat on any day… AND, those of you who have booked only occasional meals, please let us know WHICH ones!

Fri 4 Aug
dinner in front of Salle Polyvalente
in/beside tent:
at around 10PM +/- AFTER concert
in Seillans church
(catered by Benjamin)
Sat 5 August
dinner in front of Salle Polyvalente, Seillans
at 10PM +/- AFTER return from Concert in Bagnols-en Foret
(catered by Benjami
Sun 6 August
dinner in front of Salle Polyvalente
in/beside tent:
at around 10PM AFTER concert
in Seillans church
(catered by Benjamin)
Mon 7 August
diner at 7PM in front of Salle Polyvalente, Seillans BEFORE concert in Place Valat, Seillans
(catered by Jonathan & team)
Tue 8 August
Dinner in Salle Iris Berry, above Place Verdure),
7PM BEFORE concert – catered by JB & team
Wed 9 August
Dinner, in front of Salle Polyvalente, Seillans
: 7PM BEFORE Concert Musique et Vin at Val’D’Iris (for which you need to book & pay – choir rate – if you want to attend concert. Individual transport needed to concert along Rte de Draguignan after dinner
(catered by JB and team)
Thurs 10 Aug
AFTER 10PM ****CHANGE***: Return to Seillans AFTER concert. Dinner with wine in the car par/tent (better for safe late evening driving!!) Catered by JB and team

(Friday 11 August
NO DINNER ON OFFER before or after 8PM choral concert in TOURRETTES
– orchestra night off)
Sat 12 August
Dinner 10PM +/- AFTER closing concert in Seillans Church
(catered by Benjamin)
Schedule of dinners for choir, orchestra & team, Festival 2023
(+ additonal 2 days pre-festival for orchestra arriving for rehearsals etc)


Wine is over twice as expensive for us as it was in 2019. (Food ingredients here are also much dearer). Please help us cover (some of) our costs!

We have an all-BIO wine offer this time for everyone based on a max of about a litre per evening between 3-4 people (included in the dinner price). Please help us keep to that.

We also plan to offer some somewhat superior, also BIO, wine from Provence (in bottles at a premium price) for those who feel like splashing out a little on better quality or more interesting flavours – prices will still be well below UK levels. Please let Jonathan know if you want to join this WINE CLUB.


… and on a different note…. SERIOUS water shortage in the Pays de Fayence with dissuasive usage tarifs. Please have small showers and use water sparingly during your stay in Seillans! Some of the people we have rented from will be charging us extra!

A reusable water bottle is an essential bit of kit for all of you!


Something to consider as we approach our saison estivale among the villages and villagers of the Pays de Fayence…

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