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Choir enrolment – autumn in Kent 2023

Enrol to sing in Kent, 9 – 12 November 2023

Choir enrolment information for the Autumn weekend in Kent, 2023 is here

Please complete the English version of the Enrolment form (below) for the 2023 Autumn choir (version du formulaire d’inscription en français à venir) – and, when you have pressed SUBMIT, please WAIT FOR CONFIRMATION on this page that it has been successfully submitted:

 To PAY Musique-Cordiale, see info and card-payment button below the enrolment form on this page.

(You can do this at any time after enroling). We prefer online banking transfers, if possible.  


If you have completed and successfully submitted the choir enrolment form but have not paid, can pay your deposit now by card or PayPal (or if something did not work), we do still have your booking/enrolment information. In any case, we will send you an INVOICE shortly. It is easier if you do not pay until you receive this! Please then pay in one of the following ways.
(We prefer online banking payments direct to our account if possible).
You can return to this page at any time after enroling or receipt of your invoice – to pay by card or see our account information

Please contact us with any questions or problems or if you want to discuss your invoice, any amounts or credits due or if you prefer to handle matters by email or phone.

Thank you! 

Privacy: Musique Cordiale respects your confidentiality and guards your personal information. We never retain details of your bank debit or credit cards after we have received payments from our members, donors, customers or supporters. We do not sell your name, email, address or phone details. Only Musique Cordiale has access to this information to communicate with you and we share it only with our agents and then only for the purposes of contacting our supporters, customers, donors, staff or suppliers on our behalf. We are trying to be EU GDPR compliant and we retain data only for compliance purposes or to maintain our current lists of and communications with members, singers, players, supporters & Friends. We do not retain any information on visitors to our website.
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