HOW TO PAY to join the 2021 Summer choir in Kent, GB

Please complete an enrolment form first (either the ONLINE enrolment form or complete the downloadable PDF version). Then please proceed to payment. Here is information on

HOW TO PAY! You can:

   Pay by internet banking/bank transfer/virement, using the bank account details below 
This is our preferred mode of payment if you can, please

Our Bank Account details:

UK bank transfer/internet banking in GB Pounds £
Account name: Musique Cordiale Services Ltd
Sort code: 23-14-70
Account number: 11003522
Bank address: TransferWise, 56 Shoreditch High Street London E1 6JJ UK
European Banking transfers/virements in EUROs € * (new: these replace our previous bank details in Germany)
Account holder: Musique-Cordiale Services Ltd.
IBAN (to receive EUR from the EU only): BE68 9670 1962 9934
Address: TransferWise Europe SA, Square de Meeûs 38 bte 40, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
French singers can send a virement to this account in EUROs € *
Titulaire: Musique Cordiale
IBAN: FR76 3005 6002 4802 4800 0709 222
Adresse: 217, Chemin des Moulins, 83440 Seillans, France
Banque: HSBC France
* any bank or commission charges are your responsibility. Please contact us for an exchange rate if you wish to pay in US dollars, Swiss Francs or Euros (or use the Euro € prices listed on the French-language version of the site).

You can download and print our HOW TO PAY MUSIQUE CORDIALE account information HERE


OR    Pay by Debit or Credit Card: you can pay a deposit or pay in FULL or pay a sum of your choice

Join the 2021 Summer Choir - pay in £ GBP

See 2021 Summer Choir enrolment form or 2020/21 Choir Information page for details

Choir, Musique-Cordiale Summer in Kent, 29 July - 5 August 2021:
enrolment is OPEN NOW
. Please complete the form first and SUBMIT it successfully. Then use this to pay the sum that appears in the TOTAL box on the form or a DEPOSIT or the sum that is agreed with the treasurer and/or appears in your INVOICE. 
  Key prices:
(minimum DEPOSIT with booking  : £530 (incl. membership) with booking
(or £250 + membership fee for non-resident participants)
(or £100 for student/young singer under 2
Full payment by 31 May 2021 please
 membership £30 (or become a Friend from £150)
 choir participation: £250 including snacks, tea, coffee
 accommodation, 7 nights (min deposit £250 with options ranging from £325 upwards per person)
 dinner package, 7 nights £175 (individual dinners with wine £25)
 reduced rates for students and young people singing or playing
 concert tickets (free for choir and performers) for sale online from June 2021 and at the door


OR    Pay by PayPal – in FULL or a deposit or the sum of your choice (e.g. the total on your enrolment form): you can choose the purpose, using this PayPal  ‘Pay or Donate’ button:



OR    Pay by cheque (payable to Musique Cordiale) by post to: Musique Cordiale, Norfolk Cottage, The Street, Newnham, Sittingbourne, Kent, ME9 0LL, UK

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gift-aid-logoSUPPORT US: As always, we must have to point out that everything that we all love about Musiqiue Cordiale, both in France and in Britain, runs on a terribly over-tight budget. Please do not take us for granted, even after 16 years: our future is far from assured without EXTRA SUPPORT (to recover from the impact of the pandemic and its restrictions and the 2020 cancellation) from people who value what we do. So your generosity, if you can spare any additional funds, towards our charity, The Musique-Cordiale Trust, is invaluable. So many people say how much they value our concerts and our contribution to the opportunities for people with musical talents to play with orchestra professionals, to learn from those with experience or to witness the delights of singing or playing in a multi-cultural context – or to enhance the cultural opportunities and life in the special places where we rehearse and perform. Please help to ensure that this can all survive and thrive!

UK tax-payers are invited to download and complete a Gift Aid declaration for any extra contributions as Friends or Donors.
(Participation fees, accommodation, tickets & membership are not ‘Gift-Aidable’

Become a Member, Friend or Donor

Support us as a Musique Cordiale Member, FRIEND or Donor: we very much value your support and generosity, however much you decide to contribute.

You are invited to pay by internet banking/bank transfer or by cheque to our UK account or address OR please choose how much you wish to PAY NOW by card (Amex, Visa, MasterCard/Carte Bleu) and select:
  £30 per year membership; or
 £150 per year (individual), including membership (£25); or
 £275 per year (couple/joint), including 2 memberships (£50); or
 Donation or payment of another amount (you can choose any amount or choose to be a Silver or Gold donor)
Payments by UK tax-payers attract GiftAid  tax-deductibility which benefits our Charity, THE MUSIQUE CORDAILE TRUST*, to the value of the non-membership element of the subscription
(i.e. £125 for an individual Friend, £225 as Friend - couple/joint, the full amount for any other donation). Please send us your completed GiftAid declaration. There are discounts and benefits for members and Friends.
(*Registered English Charity,  number 1167732 - for information go to the Trust's separate website or contact us at:


Any questions about organisation or payment?

Please contact / +44 (0)7970 185910

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Musique-Cordiale respects your confidentiality and guards your personal information. We never retain details of your bank debit or credit cards after we have received payments from our members, donors, customers or supporters. Our card-processors may retain a tokenized form of your card details if you authorise us to retain them for ease of future/repeat payments or adjustments. We do not sell your name, email, address or phone details. Only Musique Cordiale has access to this information to communicate with you and we share it only with our agents – and then only for the purposes of contacting our supporters, customers, donors, staff or suppliers on our behalf. In making payments to Musique Cordiale, you authorize us to send instructions to your financial institution that issued your card to take payments from your card account in accordance with the terms of your agreement with Musique Cordiale. Thank you for your support.