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Lunchtime Concerts 2013

 2013:  CONCERTS 2, 4, 7, 10, 15 & 18

uvs120913-004We will continue to use the Chappelle Notre Dame de l’Ormeau, one of the most beautiful monuments in Seillans, for free Lunch-time concerts. The 12th century Chapelle de l’Ormeaut, lies at the southern entrance to the village, opposite the old railway station, which was once part of the wonderful train journey between Aix-en-Provence and Nice. The venue is quiet and peaceful and provides a charming intimate and acoustic atmosphere for small-scale musical performances.

These concerts will be held on the Wednesdays and Fridays and the middle Sunday of the festival at  12:30h and will last an hour. The concerts will in some cases be a repeat of some of the works being performed in the evening concerts and also to showcase certain players and small ensembles. Students in the Academy and some older players will use the occasions for performances that they have developed during the festival. Details of the concerts will be published during the festival. Entry to the concerts is free: entry is on a first-come, first-seated basis.

The free concerts this year are sponsored by the Friends of Musique Cordiale. Additional contributions from members of the audience will be much appreciated.

Wed 7 August
Telemann, CPE Bach, Dvorak, Quatuor Americain
Bianca Hottinger, flute
Lisa Gross, oboe
Lisa Meschi, violin
Lavinia Price, violin
Maya Olivia Kashif, cello

Thurs 8 August
Cassado Suite, Mozart Quintet for Clarinet
Chiara Enderle, cello
Moritz Roelcke, clarinet
Lavinia price, violin
Sarah Teboul, viola
maya Olivia Kashif, cello

Friday 9 August
L’Académie Cordial: Pleyel Polonaise, Bach Largo, Shostakovich Adagio & Allegretto, Klezmer,Mozart Rondo, Ives Intermezzo, Sugar Serenade
Lucie Klankermayer, violin
Marmaduke Leforestier, violin
Jane Jones, cello
Lee Wrattan, cello
Theo Mayer, cello
Tessa Cox, cello
Quentin Guillery, bassoon
Tim Entecott, banjo

Sun 11 August
Paganini: Duo for Violin & Bassoon, Ravel: Introduction & Allegro for harp, strings, clarinet & flute
Magdalena Krupa, flute
Lisa Gross, oboe
Moritz Roelcke, clarinet
Lara Morger, bassoon

Wed 14 August
l’Académie Cordial: Pegolesi Stabat Mater
Phyllida Martignetti, soprano
Jane Jones, soprano
Ensemble Académie

Fri 16 August
Une Surprise Chantée
Joesph Kennedy and friends

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