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Opera & Ensembles

Between 6 and 17 August, there is to be a full and diverse programme of 17 concerts during the 2013 festival. The expanded  Academy for young and talented music students will take place for a week from 3-10 August and the orchestra & La Nuova Musica, our ensemble in residence for 2013, will deliver ardent and vivid performances of music from the Renaissance and Baroque. Each bring new dimensions to the to the first week of the festival. Classic meets Jazz is the focus of an exciting jazz concert from the Klazz Brothers and also featuring Michel Tirabosco, whose extraordinary talent on pan-pipes make him a returning favourite with Seillans audiences. Exciting orchestral performances throughout the fortnight will see their culmination in the final choral concerts which will offer resounding music under the baton of Graham Ross.

Unfortunately the busy and exciting musical programme this year does not include any staged operas of the kind performed en pleine aire in the Place de Valat in Seillans between 2009 and 2011. We are happy to entertain proposals from small opera companies or directors who might like to put on operas on an appropriate scale in future years or who have imaginative ideas to enable Musique-Cordiale to build on the high quality tradition established by Andy Staples and Vignette Productions.

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