Choir enrolment: SING Brahms Requiem en pleine aire, 11-13 Sept 2020

As we get closer, the weather forecast looks more promising for next weekend, starting 3pm Friday with 2 x 1hr outdoor singing sessions with half hour gap followed by supper at/after 6pm. So WE ARE GOING AHEAD! Taking booking from today Monday 7 Sept after sending out accommodation and price details. We have booked Old Vicarage and Palace Farm at Doddington, Kent + a couple of other options further afield. Events in Doddington Place Gardens meals in Newnham, Kent. Several of you have informally booked but we are still welcoming others. So please come and encouragez les autres (good experienced singers are invited to join us) ! And now please complete the forms below.

Here are the details for the choir (previously sent by email)

SING the Brahms Requiem* in Doddington Place Gardens in Kent, England

GRAHAM ROSS is looking forward to the rehearsals and a unique performance out of doors…. and we desperately HOPE for clement weather as we have to stand well apart and yet sing without projecting too much wind! (we have a marquee for the choir and a gazebo for the players + adjacent tearooms and loos!)

Rebecca Taylor and Richard Leach will offer 4 hands on accompanying keyboard… and singers in our choir are invited to participate. It won’t be our usual experience in the air-conditioned Salle Polyvalente in Seillans and in Seillans church in August. But it might be warmer than Faversham church in November. We also can’t have our French and German singers (not even Dima Bawab, as planned). But we are excited to have Emily Vine (soprano) and Frederick Long (bass) as soloists again.

It has been an arid year for singers. We just hope downpours hold off and strong winds are muted for us. But we will be flexible in the weekend schedule to make the most of what we can manage…. leading to a PERFORMANCE at about 2:30PM on Sunday afternoon, 13 September, for those who come to Doddington Park to view the lovely gardens and to witness this special occasion.
* to be sung in German, for which you will need your copy of the music!

We are offering familiar ACCOMMODATION at the Doddington Old Vicarage and at Palace Farm Hostel. Social distancing rules mean that communal spaces and breakfast arrangements will be different from previously. We will send out a booking form shortly. We also plan to provide FOOD & Provençal Rosé WINE (and other drinks & beverages), probably in our garden or a village hall, including Friday dinner, Saturday lunch and dinner and Sunday lunch. Book using the form that follows soon but PLEASE give us an initial indication by email so that we can estimate demand.

GRAHAM hopes for at least 6 to a part and we think that viability depends on a minimum of 4 to a part. So please join us. You can’t know when you may be able to sing with us again

And please bring or encourage any other good singers to participate too. Sadly, we have to manage without our French and German-based choir-members this time (much to their chagrin). So we need to boost numbers with singers old and new, please!

We have done our best to keep you up to date but plans can only evolve at the last minute in current circumstances… There is a lot still to arrange and we have a lot of rules to try to follow to be safe.Those of you who are 2020 members and Friends or who are in our M-C choir Whap’sApp group have kept abreast and let us know your hopes. But there may be others who have sung in the past or would like to join us in future, for whom now may be just the opportunity! We will be in touch again soon!

And if you’d like to come and witness this unusual performance, we’ll also let everyone know soon how to book (just £8 gives you garden and concert access + tea-rooms in Doddington Place Gardens – all via the National Garden scheme). As soon as it’s organised, we’ll post updates and info on our website and on Facebook.

We’re really looking forward to seeing those of you who can come! Please do: it should be fun (as well as serious)!
Jonathan & Pippa

We are still working out some details but most of the arrangements and prices for participation, food & drink and accommodation can be found on the booking form HERE

Brahms Requiem:  Ein deutches Requiem, nach Worten der Heiligen Schriff – to be sung in German
conductor Graham Ross
soloists: Emily Vine (soprano), Frederick Long Bass
accompanists (4 hands on keyboard): Rebecca Taylor & Richard Leach
… and a unique variation of the Musique Cordiale Festival Choir

Schedule (though we need to be flexible in response to weather|)
Friday: arrive Doddington Place gardens 3pm for rehearsals: 3:30 – 4:30 and 5pm – 6pm (then find your dinner/drinks in Newnham)
Saturday: 10am – 12:30, then lunch, more rehearsals 3:30 – 5:30 (then dinner/drinks in Newnham)
Sunday: 10am – 11:30. then lunch; 2:30 CONCERT ends about 3:45.


Please note that we will be adhering to COVID-19 rules, restrictions and advice applicable to choirs, events, meals & accommodation. This includes SOCIAL DISTANCING at all times, limits on times and durations of events and on numbers participating and on accommodation sharing. Rehearsals, the performance and meals will be served ou of doors. Caution and masks will be required in toilets etc. Please ensure that the weekend goes of safely and uneventfully. DO NOT COME IF YOU THINK YOU MIGHT BE INFECTIOUS – and share any information you have immediately. There can be no communal eating of breakfast beyond groups of people in “bubbles” including co-travelling groups etc. Communal rooms will not be available. Trays may be delivered to rooms (equipped with kettles) or to bubble groups. Microwaves will be available for covered outdoor use. These are the only terms on which we can manage this tightly-limited event. There will be no paying audience but visitors who pay for entrance to the Doddington Park gardens (National Garden Scheme, £8) on Sunday afternoon will be able to sit or walk around and enjoy the performance at a distance. Chairs for the choir will be available for the singers during rehearsals but (mostly) not during the concert when chairs will be required by any audience members who choose to sit down to listen.