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COMING SOON: Vivaldi Four Seasons + Handel Dixit Dominus: CONCERT, Faversham Kent, 4 December 2021. Tickets available soon (choir enrolment now  for December 2021 HERE)

In 2021, we re-emerged… with a smaller but no less exciting mini-festival, which took place mainly out of doors in Kent GB, 29 July-5 August 2021


Mozart Requiem & Vivaldi Gloria


As usual since 2005, Musique Cordiale consisted (in its reduced form in Britain in 2020 and 2021) of a professional orchestra and soloists, performing a variety of other works as well as accompanying the experienced but largely-amateur choir under the professional directon of conductor Graham Ross. But as in previous (and, we hope, future) years, the whole ensemble has not yielded completely to the Covid-19 pandemic and continued to perform major choral masterpieces, usually in both International Musique Cordiale Festival in the Pays de Fayence in southern France and Musique-Cordiale in Kent in England. Below is information from the most recent full festival in France:

In  2018 it was Haydn’s Die Jahreszeiten (The Seasons) …and in summer 2019,  the big choral work was Handel’s SAUL. In 2020, we had a whole new set of choral works for the choir … but, following the cancellation of the 2020 festival in France, we managed only a single outdoor concert – and 2 days of rehearsal in beautiful sunny (yes) Kent, GB – but we managed to produce a memorable performance of the Brahms Requiem in September 2020.

For details of the 2020 Festival and arrangements/enrolment for the choir, singing the Brahms Requiem
plus other choral works
and an exciting a cappella programme*,  please follow this LINK


PERFORMERS, Summer Festival 2019

Conductors / musical direction

  • James Lowe
  • Graham Ross



    • Colette Overdijk (leader)
    • Judith de Haas (leader)
    • Rachel Bunn
    • Eliza Burkitt*
    • Jane Gillie
    • Briona Mannion*
    • Edward McCullagh
    • Steve Rowlinson
    • Alice Ruffle
    • Suzanne Swainson
    • Gabrielle Sutcliffe
    • Ariane Todes


  • James Swainson
  • Ian Anderson
  • Joseph Fisher
  • Cathrien van Bunningen
  • Hugo Haag*
  • Gatien Leray*


  • Jane Friend
  • Sophie Haynes
  • James Heathcote
  • Finn Mannion*
  • Özgür Deniz Kaya*

Double bass

  • Sean Law
  • Martin Ludenbach


  • Trond Magne Brekka
  • Ruth Harrison


  • James Hulme
  • Grace Scott-Deucher


  • Stephen Williams
  • Rachel Coe


  • Angharad Thomas
  • Molly Nielsen


  • Peter Ryan
  • Alex Regan


  • Chloë Abbot
  • Clara Hyder
  • David Saudek


  • Michael Struck-Schloen
  • Peter Thornton
  • Ian Sankey


  • Michela Zanoni


  • Tristan Fry


  • Rebecca Taylor
  • Richard Leach
  • Toby Hession


Morning choir rehearsals


  • Celia Bangham
  • Caroline Capper
  • Anick Cohen-Salmon
  • Sophie Darlow
  • Josephine Herrlinger
  • Jane Hickey
  • Bärbel von Kalckreuth
  • Regula Obrecht
  • Carole Radford
  • Susie Ross
  • Amanda Salmon
  • Melissa Scott
  • Marijke Weiss-Schaber
  • Rosie Wright
  • Cristina Ziener von Bauer


  • Susanne Angern
  • Sarah Bryant
  • Maggie Donnelly
  • Lavinia Ferguson
  • Jessica Hopkins
  • Catherine LeParmentier
  • Caroline Mustill
  • Annie Oakes
  • Pippa Pawlik
  • Sue Peppe
  • Isabelle Rekacewicz-Richard
  • Jill Saudek
  • Curzon Tussaud
  • Bettina Weiss-Schaber


  • Paul Allatt
  • Benoït Dayot
  • Michael Johnston
  • Wolf von Kalckreuth
  • Richard Street
  • Basil Strong
  • Jeremy Warbrick
  • Robert Ward
  • David Ylla-Somers


  • Alan Brittain
  • Alain Deïssard
  • Paul Fisher
  • Owen Hanmer
  • Toby Hession
  • Stewart Jones
  • Gavin King-Smith
  • Hervé Lagaert
  • David Lowe
  • Andrew Pearson
  • Andrew Smith
  • Rudolf Wehage
  • Richard Wynn-Jones
  • Soloists
    Dima Bawab
    Isabel Pfefferkorn
    Emily Vine
    Frederick LongJulian Gregory
    Michael Johnston
    Jessica Hopkins
    Adele Pons
  • Jazz
    Isla van Hout
    Jetse de Jong



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