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Festival Flyer 2022

Much as we hoped to return to the pre-Covid home of the International Musique-Cordale Festivalin Seillans & le Pays de Fayence in Provence in summer 2022, it still could not happen. So, as in 2020 & 2021, announces a 2022 series of concerts in Kent, GB, including our mini-festival in Faversham, Newnham & Doddington.

The successful and full December 2021 concert in Kent had happened just in time, while we were still safe from Omicron. Since then, we have staged only summer events including the summer mini-festival, also took place in England in 2021 and 2022 because of the pandemic. For the 3rd successive year, we were prevented from staging a full International Festival & Academy in Provence, France. By the time we received encouragement to return, it was already too late to organise all the necessary travel, accommodation and venues by the point in the Spring when the idea even began to seem feasible again).

HERE IS THE SUMMER 2022 Programme that DID happen instead (details HERE)
including:  a special concert for the Queen’s Jubilee on 4 June & a full exciting
series of
annual Summer Festival Concerts, 28 July – 3 August 2022
Newnham, Faversham & Doddington Place Gardens in Kent, GB
  PROGRAMME SUMMARY: summer 2022 of all 9 Musique-Cordiale Summer CONCERTS 2022:
See detailed PROGRAMME & Online BOX OFFICE here

Jubilee 2022

  • 4 June 2022: Doddington Place Gardens Jubilee Proms concert   FESTIVAL:
  • 28 July 2022 Newnham church 6:30PM Free Music & Drinks for supporters & locals29 July 2022Assembly Rooms, Faversham 7PM Opening Festival Concert: Handel concerti & Haydn symphony
  • 30 July 2022: Assembly Rooms, Faversham 7PM Song Recital: tenor, soprano & cello
  • 31 July 2022
  •     3pm: Doddington Church 3PM Bach & Vaughan Williams – with choir
  •     5:30pm: Doddington Place Gardens: Swing & Jazz trio
  •     7pm: Doddington Place Gardens 7PM Handel, Bach, Telemann, Krommer & Haydn
  • 1 August 2022: Assembly Rooms, Faversham 7PM Accordion & Friends 2 August 2022: Assembly Rooms, Faversham 7PM Glorious Chamber Music3 August 2022:  Doddington Place Gardens 7PM Rossini – Petite Messe Solenelle,”opera” with soloists & choir
  • Summer 2022 Concerts in Faversham Assembly Rooms & Doddington Place Gardens – began with commemorative music for the Queen’s Jubilee on 4 June. Our annual mini-festival, Musique-Cordiale in Kent, launched in Faversham on 29 July 2022 with a charming concert of orchestral music and concluded, after a series that featured an exciting variety of choral, orchestral, chamber and jazz concerts, with:

This beautiful choral work (not notably little or solemn, actually) constituted the closing festival concert on 3 August, directed by Graham Ross, director of music at Clare College, Cambridge, with soloists Dima Bawab (soprano, over from Paris), Claire Barnett-Jones (alto), Aidan Coburn (tenor) & Johnny Herford (bass), accompanied by piano & accordion (Ben de Souza), performed in Doddington Place Gardens – with a little amplification and cover for performers.

Watch video HERE of Claire Barnett-Jones & the Musique-Cordiale choir, closing the final Rossini choral concert in 2022).

Frederick Long, bass, & Aidan Coburn, tenor, among soloists performing on 4 June 2022 with the Musique Cordiale Festival Orchestra, conductor Graham Ross.

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