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BOX OFFICE NOW OPEN HERE for Jubilee concert 4 June 2022

See separate tabs for programmes & online tickets for all Musique-Cordiale Concerts

Programme & Ticket information and online BOX OFFICE about summer 2022 Festival Concerts is HERE

You can also

 buy an all-concert Season Pass for the festival: £80 (members £72 – max 2 passes per member) Buy your season passes HERE  

Discounts & Concessions (see booking links for each event for discounted and all tickets except season passes):
  Member discount online: 10% off all standard adult ticket prices (2 per member per concert) or season passes (1 per member)
 Children under 12 can enter for FREE (accompanied by a supervising adult please)

 Festival Tickets for use by full-time students aged under 26 and all people aged 80 and over are HALF-PRICE
 Residents of the villages of Doddington and Newnham are invited to book in advance for FREE tickets for the 2 concerts in the churches there.
(You DO still need a ticket even though there will be no charge – printed or on a phone – donations appreciated)

  NOTE: Tickets for the one-off Jubilee concert on 4 June are separate and are available at £25 for all adults and FREE for children aged 12 and under. (accompanied by an adult). Sorry: no member or over-80s discounts  or use of season passes for this special event.

You can also make phone reservations or enquiries: 07976-301443 (Pippa) or 07970-185910 (Jonathan). (We will call you back if you leave a message).

AND…. Just a quick word while you’re here….     

2021 Essential & urgent fund-raising “Revival” campaign!

Admirable Aspirations – a 16-year record of valuable achievement in Pan-European musical and cultural exchange & education – a Labour of Love
Modest Means – especially after Covid cancellations

Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin,000Raised 3,285 towards the 50,000 target.3,285Raised 3,285 towards the 50,000 target.7%

If you value Musique Cordlale for its unique international festival and its orchestral academy for young musical talent – or its choral & singing courses, concerts and events in France and Britain,  we now desperately need your help!
Even after 16 years, it cannot continue without your support. Covid-19 left us with no income from choir subscriptions or ticket sales in 2020. We also lost almost all the expected subvention (grant-aid) support from French public funds for culture. We had applied for these for staging the musical events which we had to cancel. We reimbursed what we had received; yet many costs still have had to be met regularly as months have gone by without income. We are being brave and creative in 2021 but, with limited lead-time, ongoing and unpredictable travel restrictions and infection rates, it’s going to be VERY difficult to put on even a reduced festival, especially in Britain where we have much less history and fewer loyal supporters. In the past we have begun planning for the next festival as soon as the last one is over. Selecting the repertoire, designing the Programme, engaging artists, recruiting  singers and musicians and enrolling volunteers and students takes months of advance planning, as do the arrangements for travel, accommodation, booking venues, catering and publicising our concerts. The French Musique Cordiale association, which  usually runs the festival, & The Musique-Cordiale Trust, the British charity which supports it and which is also arranging this year’s events in Britain, need you for this campaign. Between us, we must hit a £50,000 annual target – to give us the resources to plan ahead, reshape, to make savings and to re-emerge, probably in new forms but with our established emphasis on musical quality, development of young talent and European cultural exchange. Thank you to those who have helped us in the past by donating, pledging or raising money or by arranging events and inviting your friends to help. WHY NOT BECOME A FRIEND or DONOR? Or SPONSOR an event or musician? The continuing Covid restrictions have also prevented us from holding our usual pre-festival Musical Soirée, a vital fund-raiser that for 15 years enabled us to pay our way.
A huge amount of year-round, voluntary work is involved to organise the Festival and even the one-off outdoor concert that we managed in England in 2020 and the limited series of mainly-outdoor events we have now planned for 2021. Most of this is done by a team of dedicated volunteers, including several of our musicians and singers. Although normally supported and valued by its participants and audiences, both locally and from all over Europe, Musique Cordiale NEEDS TO REPLACE ITS LOST 2020 INCOME from ticket sales, subscriptions, some hard-won local funding in the face of shrinking public budgets for culture – Even in other years, it can be an enormous struggle to cover the costs of bringing over 100 musicians and singers from across the continent to the Pays de Fayence and accommodating and sustaining them – as well as working them hard to achieve great music together.
Please SUPPORT US: details HERE And look out for our musical fund-raising events in Britain and France whenever we can again manage them.  We thank you for your support and understanding. In some form and at a suitable time, we promised to be back, in small steps and stages. Meanwhile, Stay healthy and safe.


L’Association Musique Cordiale (association loi 1901, France, SIRET: 49346074500018),
The Musique-Cordiale Trust (charity, registered in England, no 1167732)