MEMBER (of the Musique Cordiale Association)

£30 or 30€

(free to full-time students under 26 and to our musicians if they are not fully-employed or in receipt of pensions' sponsored by The Musique-Cordiale Trust)

Benefits include:

  • 10% online discount on concert tickets (max 4 tickets per member per concert)
  • Regular e-newsletter and email updates
  • Opportunity to buy recordings of Musique Cordiale concerts
  • Opportunity attend dinners with musicians and singers*
  • Invitation to the Annual General Meeting
  • Opportunity to have your say, to vote & to be elected to the Council and the 'bureau'
Unless you are already a member, your contribution as a Friend is split between a payment for membership of the French association (€30/£30 per person) and a donation. ++All membership payments will be automatically transferred to the French association. GiftAid / tax-deductibility cannot be claimed on the membership element.   ** non-employed musician and student memberships will be paid in 2021 by The Musique-Cordiale Trust. Please send us an email to take advantage of this offer. We welcome and value our donors however small a contribution you can afford. Thank you!

*At additional cost