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A message from the Festival treasurer (& chairman of our English charity)

The world is in a dire state. So, asking for money for our beloved music festival may seem like a low priority. But we know that we need to get our fundraising into gear now if we are to be able to offer the exciting events that our organisers & creative team (Graham, Aidan, Pippa and I) have in mind  for 2024. These  culminate with the VERDI REQUIEM with our choir and orchestra and some of our familiar but outstanding soloists – and a semi-staged GUILIO CESARE opera to launch the festival, complete with a separate cast of brilliant (including younger) talented soloists whom we need to identify and  book now. We must also book accommodation and travel for all our musicians NOW (in the autumn of the previous year) to make the festival affordable. Organising the festival is a big year-round task!

We have written to our known supporters and recent ticket-buyers about Musique-Cordiale’s urgent need to get ahead in preparation for an anxiety-free festival next year:
(see HERE).

NOW, in the autumn before, is the time that we need help from our supporters so that we can have everything ready, stress-free and enjoyable for next summer.

Thank you!
Jonathan Barker

Please, if you can, support us now: 
Please consider becoming a member, Friend of the Festival (see below) or sponsoring an event or musician – or making a donation to our English charity or our French non-profit 1901 association, which, together, make the festival and academy and our other concerts happens. We welcome donations of any amount at any time
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  • OR : Click the blue button to donate to the non-profit Loi de 1901
    Musique Cordiale association in France,
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  • OR : Click the black button to donate or find out more about
    The Musique-Cordiale Trust
    , Registered English Charity, number 1167732
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THANK YOU! If you are a French tax-payer, please ask for a certificat du don. to offset part of your donation against tax. If you are a UK tax-payer, please also complete a GiftAid declaration. allowing British taxpayers to add Gift Aid (25%) to their contributions as Donors or Friends (in GB pounds), meaning that we receive the donation and also reclaim the tax paid on the income that paid for it. Please contact us or go to www.musique-cordiale.org for information and to support The Musique-Cordiale Trust. If you are a tax-payer in other European countries, please contact us for details of possible tax deductibilities.

PLEASE SUPPORT our 2023 Essential & urgent fund-raising campaign!

Admirable Aspirations – an 18-year record of valuable achievement in Pan-European musical and cultural exchange & education – a Labour of Love – Modest Means 

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If you value Musique Cordiale for its unique international festival and its orchestral academy for young musical talent – or its choral & singing courses, concerts and events in France and Britain, we need your help. Even after 19 years, it cannot continue without your support. The French association which runs the festival & The Musique-Cordiale Trust, the British charity which supports it, need you for this campaign. Between us, we must hit a £25,000 annual target for EXTRA FUNDS before next summer – and preferably earlier to give us the resources to plan ahead – and make savings – for 2023. Thank you to those who have already helped by donating, pledging or raising money or by arranging events and inviting your friends to help. WHY NOT BECOME A FRIEND or DONOR? Or SPONSOR an event or musician?
A huge amount of year-round, voluntary work is involved to organise the Festival & Academy and other events. Most of this is done by a team of dedicated volunteers. Although supported and valued by its participants and audiences, both locally and from all over Europe, Musique Cordiale NEEDS TO SUPPLEMENT ITS INCOME from ticket sales, subscriptions, some hard-won local funding in the face of shrinking public budgets and the generosity of a few private donors ad trusts. It is an enormous struggle to cover the costs of bringing over 100 musicians and singers from across the continent to the Pays de Fayence and accommodating and sustaining them – as well as working them hard to achieve great music together. Please SUPPORT US!
Download the annual report of the association which runs the festival here
Download the latest annual report of The Musique-Cordiale Trust which helps to support the Festival and our concerts & events in the UK

We were SO glad to to be back in 2023. The return of Musique Cordiale to France this summer was a great success, pleasing audiences old and new with exciting repertoire and 18 brilliant performances. And we held our ticket and participation prices (since 2018). BUT…

we received almost NO DONATIONS or SUBSCRIPTIONS from supporters and FRIENDS during the pandemic years (but incurred costs) AND we were granted considerably less public subsidy than in recent years – and received it only just before the festival began. YET in 2023 everything cost us so much more (especially travel, accommodation and food for our musicians – and even music hire!). We, the enthusiastic organisers, personally, had to pay the launch & advance booking costs in the previous winter & Spring… as well as cover an unavoidable shortfall afterwards. We cannot personally afford to subsidise the festival like this! As we plan (as early as possible now for our 20th year in 2024, PLEASE SUPPORT US AGAIN NOW – through our English charity or our French non-profit association. If you love our great musical contribution, please, if you can, HELP US now! Thank you!

Jonathan Barker (jo******@mu**************.com) Pippa Pawlik (pi***@mu**************.com)


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We rely on the generosity of our members, Friends and donors to ensure the ongoing success of the Festival and Academy and the music that you love. Members benefit from a number of advantages including ticket discounts whilst Friends have priority booking and are invited to special events throughout the year in France and in the UK, making the joy and entente cordiale of Musique Cordiale last far beyond the 15 days of the festival! You will find all the details about joining above Any questions: please get in touch.

If you are available and would like to join us at our popular annual pre-festival Fund-raiser (Collecte de Fonds) and Soirée Musicale – with wine, dinner and music in the Pays de Fayence2024 dates to be announced– please follow THIS LINK to book your tickets when available (there is a discount for Friends of the Festival!)

Finally, here’s another idea if you would like to support us FOR FREE:


Musique Cordiale respects your confidentiality and guards your personal information. We never retain details of your bank debit or credit cards after we have received payments from our members, donors, customers or supporters. We do not sell your name, email, address or phone details. Only Musique Cordiale has access to this information to communicate with you and we share it only with our agents  and then only for the purposes of contacting our supporters, customers, donors, staff or suppliers on our behalf. We are trying to be EU GDPR compliant and we retain data only for compliance purposes or to maintain our current lists of and communications with members, singers, players, supporters & Friends. We do not retain any information on visitors to our website.
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