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A huge amount of work is involved to organise the Festival. Most of this is done by a team of dedicated volunteers. Although supported by ticket sales, a small amount of local funding in the face of shrinking public budgets and the generosity of a few private donors, it is nonetheless an enormous struggle to cover the costs.

Our public funding is unreliable and covers less than 17% of our budget. Although our concerts are often sold out, we cannot cover all our costs through ticket sales alone. To be able to do so, we would have to scrap our free lunchtime concerts and more than triple our ticket prices. We do not want to contemplate that, which is why we hope you will consider becoming a Supporter of Musique Cordiale.

We rely on the generosity of our members, friends and donors to ensure the ongoing success of the Festival and Academy. Members benefit from a number of advantages including ticket discounts whilst Friends have priority booking and are invited to special events throughout the year in France and in the UK, making the joy and entente cordiale of Musique Cordiale last far beyond the 15 days of the festival! You will find all the details about joining below. Any questions: please get in touch.

French donors to the association can obtain a Certificat du Don to offset against tax. For our UK donors, we are now supported by The Musique-Cordiale Trust, an independent charity registered in England (no. 1167732), allowing British taxpayers to add Gift Aid  (25%) to their contributions as Donors or Friends (in GB pounds), meaning that we receive the donation and also reclaim the tax paid on the income that paid for it. The Trust will help us, for example, to award bursaries to young musicians applying to join the Academy, to invite exceptional teachers and conductors to lead the ensembles or to support a particular event during the Festival. It also helps the support the costs of employing our invaluable year-round administrator, something that is especially hard to fund. Please contact us or go to for information and to support the Trust.

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