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Jacques & Pippa 2015

  • We have 2 tiers of special donors (Silver and Gold Donors). With the creation of The Musique-Cordiale Trust (charity no. 1167732), British supporters can now become a Friend or Donor and set up a GBP direct debit or make a GBP donation via  The Musique-Cordiale Trust’s separate website HERE. We can also add Gift Aid tax-reimbursement to such donations and offer higher-rate tax deductibility to UK tax-payers. (you can download the GiftAid declaration HERE. Membership subscriptions, including the £25 membership element of fees to be a Friend or Donor, are not eligible for GiftAid. The rest of your generosity as a Friend or Donor is eligible for Gift Aid).
  • If you wish to join/renew and pay by card in GBP, you can either use the secure form below or go to the Trust’s secure payment page to pay in GB pounds (To pay in euros please click here.)
  • If you prefer to pay by cheque or online banking, please download the Membership form (or send us an email and pay via bank transfer/internet banking using the details found on the form).
  • You can also opt to pay (monthly or annual) by direct debit to The Musique-Cordiale Trust:   where you can also gift-aid-logo
  • or you can donate or become a Friend  – and contribute in GB £ –  to our 2019-20 Essential & urgent fundraising campaign, using this button:
    PLEASE SUPPORT US! If you value Musique Coridlale for its unique international festival and its orchestral academy for young musical talent – or its choral & singing courses, concerts and events in France and Britain, we need your help to continue. Even after 15 years, it cannot continue without your support. The French association has a € donor box and The Musique-Cordiale Trust needs you for this campaign. Between us, we must hit a £50,000 annual target before next July. ENLIST FRIENDS TO HELP
  • Note: Season passes will be available when the festival box office opens each year in the Spring. They do not include a donation or membership subscription.

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Privacy:  Musique Cordiale respects your confidentiality and guards your personal information. We never retain details of your bank debit or credit cards after we have received payments from our members, donors, customers or supporters. We do not sell your name, email, address or phone details. Only Musique Cordiale has access to this information to communicate with you and we share it only with our agents and then only for the purposes of contacting our supporters, customers, donors, staff or suppliers on our behalf.